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I'm just 1 cent away!



...and a breath from being divorced!

I shouldn't be allowed on Ebay when I've been drinking.

Why can't I be like other American males that get into fights or become beligerant or something like that? But NOOoooo! I got the little devil on my shoulder that tells me to check Ebay and see....just for the heck of it...if there are any graded 1971 proofs I just may be missing out of my registry. Why LOOK! There just happens to be a 1971 Pf 69 UCAM nickel that you're missing! And there's just 2 mins left to bid. It's ONLY $325! They usually go for $500. Well, you know the current high bidder bid more than 325...so why don't you just bid $405...you know, just to help the seller out so he can get more for his coin. The price jumps to $380. REFRESH....REFRESH....REFRESH. Last two seconds, I usually get out bid....but not this time!

I was happy yet terrified that I won. I paid right then and there, and wanted to update my will. That was Saturday night. I had to tell the wife sometime. (Devil's note: If I would of asked her before if I could of bought it, she would of said no, right?) So, Sunday I'll break the news. She goes grocery shopping. I break it to her when she comes home. She comes home, I brace myself, and she said "guess what! I bought you a treat! It's a small one, but I bought you a dozen clams!"


My weakness. I can eat clams till the clams come home. I can't tell her now! (Devil is now hiding behind the tree in the front yard so that he doesn't get splattered with human matter....little chicken sh**) The whole time she is treating me like a king, and I just want a hole to crawl in. She also let me take two naps!

Come Monday, I gotta tell her. I get up around 0600hrs, go to do my PT at the gym at 0650hrs, and when I come home, around 0800hrs, she is just starting to wake. I take my shower, and start getting ready for work. She gets ready to take her shower, and it's then I confront her. I close the door behind me, and look her in the eye and say "I got a confession to make". her eyes got wide....wider than I have ever seen before (side note: I asked her later if she thought I was going to tell ehr that I cheated on her, but she said she KNEW I bought something on Ebay, but how much $$$). All in all the verbal beating went well, and she made alot of sense. This has to be my last purchase, at least till I get a job as a civilian and a house...you know, the other stuff I don't like to think about when the devil is on my shoulder. It's that OCD I tells ya!

...Is there a place that they have meetings for this???




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