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Does anyone need a 1971-D Eisenhower "FRIENDLY EAGLE" RDV-006????????????????



I think I really lucked out on this one.

O.K., here's the story. I wanted to pick up some Eisenhower dollars for use as poker chips, so I started checking some of the local banks.....nothing!! They're obsolete, right? So I decided to check on eBay for large lots of circulated coins. Bingo!!!! I started out bidding face value plus shipping, but I couldn't win any bids. So I tried bidding 1.25x face value, minus the shipping cost. I bid on quite a few before I finially won the bid on a lot of 44 coins which consisted of a roll of 1971-D, and a roll of 1972-D plus 4 extras. When they arrived, I was shocked to find out they were all nice uncirculated coins. Well, I didn't want to ruin uncirculated dollars by playing poker with them, so I put them aside and kept bidding on other lots. I got curious and checked on eBay to see what the nicer Gems looked like compared to mine, and how much they were selling for. I noticed that a certain variety (RDV-006) was selling for more than the others, which grabbed my interest. I checked my coins, and sure enough, I had 13 of them out of one roll, and a few of them should have no trouble slabbing at MS65 or better. From what I've heard, this variety is fairly common, but rare in higher MS grades. I want to send the better ones in to NGC, but I don't know if they'll attribute this particular die variety. I think I'll sell the lower grade coins raw on eBay (one at a time), then use the proceeds to pay for the NGC grading. Then when they come back, I'll pick the best one for myself and sell the others. If you know of someone that wants one of these, send me an email. I've got extras.




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