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Lousy Presidential Proof Sets



Tempted to return this sets but not sure if I would get any better next time.

I gotta tell ya, these new Presidential Proof Sets are the worst I've seen from the US Mint in awhile. Remember the commemorative Old Mint from last year. Most had fine scratches and/or tiny pit marks. They are on these proofs as well including most are stained as well. If you look at the design closely, you will see why it will be near impossible to obtain a perfect PF70 on these coins. Also, I have found what appears to be exact die breaks on the edges on all 4 presidents at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock when looking at Lady Liberty. Looks like it was there before the edges got the incused lettering.

What would cause this die break on every one? or am I seeing it wrong? Anyways, I bought 2 sets of NGC PF69 for about $65 which would be about what it would be for me to grade them myself. I would guess that a complete PF70 set would be well over $1000 because it would take hundreds of sets to find just 4 perfect ones.

The Mint better wake up and start getting these right or most will stop early on collecting these proofs!!

UPDATE: After further review and thought, those very well could be designed "stops" so the incursed lettering would be placed in the same locations on the edge each time.....Any thoughts or are these indeed a die break? Either way, they are causing some separation with the edge or waviness on the face.




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