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To read Michael Coopers entries



And to reflect on a great hobby from a great country and an astounding history.

I mean, think about it for a while. Not a second, but a while. How some people use the phrase "if these walls could talk", and you think of how old the house is, and what has transpired within those walls.

Now, think of the coins you may have. I have a few 1808 half cents. Our Nation was only 32 years young. Thomas Jefferson was President. It was 4 years before the war of 1812 when the British didn't learn the first time that we REALLY wanted Freedom.

Well, I dig that deep into history of a coin that old that I may hold.

But, you can do that with just about any coin, and the history of America that is behind it. A coin that is from 1860...1865...1898...1912...1914...1943 and it just goes ON! Our SMS from 1965-1967 and beloved Ikes from 1971. I mean, WOW!

But, to get back to the main point, Who held this 1808 half cent? How old were they? What did THEY think of the American revolution? What did they believe that this country could do for them? What did they do for this country? I am in awe of an American silver dollar dated 1795 in MS-65. WHO HELD ON TO THAT IN THAT CONDITION WHEN IT WAS FIRST MINTED??? THAT person, should be the grand-daddy of coin collecting! Again, what was this person thinking? "...well, this freedom thing ain't going to last....let's just save this dollar just in case" or "...this is the dollar Gen Washington gave me to pay his bar tab!" Who the heck knows!

Ladies and gentlemen alike, I don't need to tell you in which way to enjoy your hobby, whether it be for historical or point value (ahem). Just enjoy. But, I also, wish you a very happy 231 years of freedom. No matter what your politics, we as Americans have survived it all, and then some.

I've served 18+ years and still serving in the US Air Force. I was married a month before 9/11 (see what I mean about dates!) and have 3 children, twin boys (4) and a daughter (2). I joined late (age 25) and age caught up with me now (43). I hope to be retiring Nov '08. I'm no longer deployable and medical things hitting me from all sides. I've traveled the world, and have gone where America has told me, no matter what.

Coin collecting has become a renewed hobby of mine, as I remember my father, a WWII vet, showing me his collection (which my mother still has) and the awe I had for the morgan dollars and indian head pennies he held as change...

I do hope and trust that all my coin collecting friends have and cherish this July 4th as it was their first one.

The government really didn't give you a day off, but time to remember what it took for you to have this day.



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