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A SBA's Wide Rim Journey



No Respect for one Susan B Anthony dollar coin

My life and times for me is a dark and unrespectful journey. I was first born with several other millions just like me. Except early on, my creator had decided to recreate me to be more pleasing to the beholder and make my rim larger. To me I think my cousins looked just fine the way they were. I had been given a special status....or least my creator called me special. Along the way, we were all given homes, some in nice warm cloth homes and others in these tight paper tunnels....some called them rolls. I believe I must have been asleep for quite some time and not sure what happened but somehow my siblings were gone. I found myself trapped with some different coins and not at all similar to me other than the same size. Then one day after being stored away for years, some nice person or I call him my new owner, brought me home. He went though roll after roll before he discovered me. We were equally delighted. My new owner sent me away to this nice honorable place or least I thought so at first, to have me graded. Once again, I was disrepected and placed in a wrong holder and grade and sent back to my new owner. He was upset and emailed the people responsible for this mishap. He sent me away again and once again they placed me in a wrong holder and grade. After a few more angry emails and phone calls, I was sent away again and finally I was in my new home except, what my owner still believes, is the wrong grade. I am in route back to my owner and hopefully I will stay. I don't know about you but its not easy being a SBA wide rime coin. And for the readers, the moral of the story, never give up and stand up for what you believe is right regardless of the grading company!



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