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2016 Journal Award Icon

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I don't know why it took an entire year to finally create the 2016 journal award icon, that now only appears on your profile page, but lo and behold it finally showed up to replace the broken link icon that I have gotten used to staring at.


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Yes, mine finally works too. I sent a message to Arch once but no response. I wasn't sweating it though and it is nice to see it fixed now .

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If you look at my main collector page you will notice that although I have a nice icon for 2017, it is crooked. :( Oh Well.

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Gary, lol, and that's a real shame for such an outstanding and exceptional history of journaling at NGC.  It still bothers me that journals from 2016 and before are disconnected.  I believe many new readers will not be able to find your informative entries from previous years.  I don't visit the ANA site very much but I know you have posted in their blogs section.  Have you been continuing that?


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Yep, but they have problems uploading photos, seems I hit the ceiling with data storage. I have to send them another e-mail asking them to to give me more storage! Sometimes I post my classic posts from here over there. It's a different audience with some who have never had a chance to read a few classics from over here. You get a lot of YN's over there. They eat it up.

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If well told coin stories can interest YNs I think that's a fabulous way to expand our hobby.   Regarding posting, I can recommend cointalk.com and coincommunity.com as very receptive forums.

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