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Um... I think we are talking about two different things.



How would a private citizen even begin to attempt to regulate the exchange of currency? Perhaps policing is a poor term... but the goal is not regulation.. its education.

There is nothing illegal about educating the public on how to protect themselves from fraudulent salespeople. The type of goods sold is really irrelevant. It could be any widget. Think of this more as a Consumer Report online.. a hidden camera at repair shop where they are charging customers for things that arent really wrong with the customer's car.

The goal is to expose those sellers who practice unethical behavior...not demand they sell your their coins at a specific price. We cant go to them and tell them to stop selling. But what we can do, is educate the public to use caution when dealing with them by simply providing a look into previous transactions...transaction which can hardly be classified as private when they are displayed on ebay for all to see.

While you went to great lengths to educate the masses on regulation, it really doesnt address our goals. To suggest that the motive for creating an organization such as these is purely to self impose a false position of authority over the industry is just plain nonsense.

This is not about telling people what they can and cannot do. This is about educating people so they can make their own decisions. As for "reporting" people with questionable selling practices is concerned. Fact is fact. Stick to the publicly displayed facts (ie. Ebay auctions) and allow people to draw their own conclusions.

Nothing illegal needs to be done to help educate new collectors.





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