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Dear Diary or journal or memory keeper or calendar or whatever ;-)



What a community we have here. It seems like our family has become somewhat dysfunctional of late

Family members asking questions and getting shot down. Family members judging other journal entries without a license. If questions are not asked and answered rumors will rule. If folks don't feel comfortable asking questions then making up answers will have to suffice.

I too have a sketchy journal from SE Asia, thank you for serving my brother silver dollar, and after 35 years I still go back and reread and reinterpret things I observed then but in a different light. I believe it is called experience but I do it in the privacy of my own home. It takes a rare bird to place their reputation on the line by asking what they feel is a legitimate question. Many of us may feel we know the answer but an equal number may applaud the question and wonder why they didn't ask it. And some of us may not have a clue as to what the question is all about. In any case, we are all at different experience levels with different backgrounds and different expertise, so why not support and desseminate information and questions instead of taking shots or judging the character or motivation or lack of knowledge of another family member? This is a site to share knowledge and experiences not a site to post a question or perception and assume you have a target on your back. I have received many terrific emails based on my limited journal entries earlier this year. Without exception they were supportive and offered references or experiences and willingly shared their knowledge in a most kindly manner.

Having said all of that I would like to see a cease fire called and get back to what is important to all of us here. That is finding out about coins, history, grading, and other myteries of the numismatic world.

Here is my peace offering a 25 pound sterling silver coin commemorating 100 years of self sufficiency on the Falkland Islands. 20,000 proof coins were struck and they have a mass of 150 grammes and 65 mmin diameter. The other side is a picture of the Queen of course.




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