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Patience is NOT one of My Virtues



Mailed Coins for Consignment in May..first check will be mailed next week...sigh

I am not a patient person by nature, in fact coin collecting for the most part has been good for this character flaw. It has taught me the patience/selectiveness in waiting for those hard to fill slots, coins in the value/cost range, grade ranges..and of course- budget range.In May I decided that I would consign some of my collection to liquidate money for upgrades/additions to a particular set I want to finish. The remaining coins in the set are above what I usually am willing to pay for a coin so I chose to do it by selling some and buying the others.The coins, mailed in May to the auction house, were put in 3 different auctions..Dallas signature,Denver signature and Denver on-line...check mailing dates are Aug 24th, Sept 24 and Oct. 2nd {from May to Oct...hmmm}.This has been a true test of the Patience that I have been praying for/working on. The challenge is not waiting for the settlement, but the fact that I found one of the coins I have been coveting...and for around $1000.00 less than I have seen it before...PLUS- it is a nicer example than coins of equal grade I've seen for sale/auction. I want to buy it NOW before someone else snags MY coin...anyhow, if it stays put for one more week I'll be including a photo of it with my next journal entry..biting my nails here..



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