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Eight Great Coin Pedigrees

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In 2018 CoinWeek published an article by Doug Winter titled “Eight Great U.S. Coin Collections,” i.e., https://coinweek.com/doug-winter-eight-great-u-s-coin-collections/ 

You may recall that in one of my previous posts I mentioned that Doug Winter is a renowned dealer of U.S. gold coins.  He has written numerous informative articles that you can find on his website.  In this linked article he lists the following great U.S. coin collections:
1.    The Ed Milas Collection of No Motto Half Eagles
2.    The ELIASBERG Collection
3.    The NORWEB Collection
4.    The GARRETT Collection
5.    The ELROD Collection
6.    The REED Collection
7.    The PITTMAN Collection
8.    The BASS Collection
While most of the coins in these collections were U.S. coins, they also contained some world coins.

In the above pictures I show the obverses and reverses of 5 coins that I now own, which were previously part of one of the collections listed above. The coin information in the list below corresponds to the pictures going from the left to the right. Note that the indicated pedigrees are listed on the coin slabs.
•    Eliasberg pedigree, U.S., 1866-S with motto $5 gold, PCGS 53, NGC census (53 total, 2 in, 8 better)
•    Eliasberg pedigree, Brazil, 1774-B 6400 Reis gold, NGC 62, NGC census (9 total, 1 in, 0 better)
•    Norweb pedigree, Brazil, 1730-R 400 Reis gold, NGC XF details, NGC census 1 in XF details, 1 in MS 62
•    Norweb pedigree, Brazil, 1734-R 400 Reis gold, NGC 62, NGC census (11 total, 3 in, 0 better)
•    Garrett pedigree, Brazil, 1855 5000 Reis gold, NGC 63, NGC census (49 total, 12 in, 8 better)

When I find a coin, which I like, that has a pedigree listed on the slab, I will pay a premium for the coin only if the pedigree is for a well-known collector, like one of the collectors shown above. I think that such information makes the coin more interesting, and therefore more valuable.

Doug Winter provides more information about “Pedigrees and Numismatics” in the following article, https://raregoldcoins.com/blog/articles/pedigrees-and-numismatics. One of the things that he mentions is that “At this point in time, the Eliasberg pedigree is considered the most valuable among collectors. A coin with an Eliasberg pedigree typically commands a 10-15% premium due to its high level of demand. In terms of desirability, the next tier of "name sales" includes Pittman and Norweb.” I would personally add a 25% premium to what I’m willing to bid for coins with these pedigrees. 

What do you think about pedigrees on coin slabs?  Please leave a comment below.



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