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The heat is on...



I managed to make a little progress on my goals this weekend, which is pretty solid in light of the fact that the coins hadn’t been physically delivered yet and 3 of my remaining 4 points relate to imaging and editing shots of the new coins…

1) Getting the coins programmed in and in the slots, (Except for the Austral coins)

2) Getting my pre-written descriptions posted on the coins (for the new $10 Zimbabwe coin, 500L set, Argentinian Set, and Venezuelan coins)

3) Getting pictures taken of the 500 Lire coins to polish the presentation on that set,

4) Getting pictures on the new Venezuelan coins to maintain the quality of the presentation on that set,

5) Getting the Austral coins imaged and

6) Getting my historical write-ups for the Austral Set ready.

But to this I have to add…

7) Making a banner / set image for the Austral set – which I haven’t made a banner image for this one yet as I usually use images of the graded coins, which

Guess what Fed-Ex dropped at my door today:


I’ll have to have an unboxing with the wife soon – probably tonight, possibly not. We also have TV to watch.

I have the day off on Friday and I might try to use some of that time to get some pictures taken – assuming I don’t get a chance before that.

The crush of things at work seems to finally be slacking off after some very hectic months this summer.

Overall, I’d say it’s coming together, which is probably good considering I logged in today to post this and I noticed… Dun dun dun! ... The countdown has begun!


We are officially in October, and this looks like it was (logically) set to start displaying when we were 30 days from the deadline.

I think I at least have a framework for how I want to do the historical write-ups for the Austral set.

The Peso Convertible set is officially becoming a “next year”-thing, I think. :tonofbricks:

In the midst of this... we're also getting ready for another hospital stay with Samuel, albeit a planned one this time. To get to the bottom of his headaches and determine if it really is low ICP (intracranial pressure) we're going to pick a Monday when some of the best neurosurgeons in the country are... not on vacation or at a conference... and we're going to go in for them to put in an ICP gauge and spend about three days measuring the pressure in his head. At the end of that, we may go home without answers, we may have a shunt revision and replace his shunt with a programmable shunt, or we could be strapping in for a procedure called and ETV... which could have him in the hospital for 6 weeks... I'm mostly hoping for not that last one.

I am very much hoping that this happens soon, so his headaches can stop. So that does have the potential to impact my ability to pull off some of this... but, hey, we all know I can take pictures and write some stuff in a fairly short period of time if I feel the need, and this has been a source of stress relief for me since before 2019, :insane: so don't count me out there. :insane:


On a closing note... That $25 coin is clearly mocking me... :insane: I may have to do something about this... :insane:





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