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You know, it’s really kind of amazing...



I told my wife today, “You know, it’s really kind of amazing: You combine antibiotics, with steroids, NSAID pain relievers, expectorants, nasal decongestants, and antihistamines, and a few hours later you feel a lot more comfortable!” lol

I’ve had a sinus infection kicking my butt more and more for a week and a half and I finally went to the doctor today to get help being it.

Drugs! Am I right?

Yeah… Now that you’re all convinced I’m a pill head…

I was walking out the front door to go to the pharmacy to get my meds when the FedEx guy got out of the truck and handed me the envelope with this and a 1923, MS64 Peace Dollar – it’ll go great with the Morgan from 2020 and the American Eagle from 2021. :D


So, in the last few years I’ve brought you:

“Gradually, Then Suddenly” (PMG Best Presented Note Set – some of you may not be much aware of this one)

“The First Casualties (Causalities?) of Hyperinflation”


“Turning Pain into Suffering”


I think I can now announce my latest melodramatic working title:

“Brought Forth with Pain.”

We return to our roots with “Gradually, then Suddenly,” in that this is a clip from a quote that will be at the core of what I hope the Theme of the new set will be:

“Debts are like children – begot with pleasure but brought forth with pain.” – Moliere


I think this will be a two-parter, as I’m going to be looking at two currencies that, based on what I’m seeing, will probably be split in the registry into two competitive categories – one of these sets / groups has a competitive category already. One doesn’t seem to, yet – but I’m going to ask for one soon!




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