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Oh no.... Oh this (coin) is horrible. lol




Saw this... Just wanted to share and laugh and have this to remember this later for the lawls...

I was looking for a nice 1956 Rhodesian Half Penny... It's the last date I'd need to have a complete set of the Giraffe design from the 1950s and 1960s during the pre-UDI, Federation period (assuming I get the raw 1955 I bought graded).

I see a new listing that shows a raw coin and says in the title "Collectable Grade."

And then I look at the pictures... 

And... O.M.G... That is... special.

Nope... Sorry. Throw it to the smelter.



Just for fun... here is the 1955 I bought recently... On the fence on sending it in to fill the hole in the registry set or not. Marketed as UNC with bad pics and bought on a lark for $6 (cheaper than the shipping cost alone of the coin above).



I need to take good pictures of the three graded ones I have now, both to improve the look of that registry set and to get nice shots as a basis for comparing to this and other raw examples I might get. At this point I have a 65RB, 66RD, and 67RD, which would be the foundation for a grading set, and a scale to compare against.

On a random note: Shandy accepted a new role in her current company today. And it is going to come with a nice pay bump, and so we might soon be giving our spending money budgets a bump up... which might be more money for my misadventures... lol 

What it really means, more seriously, though is we'll probably be getting very aggressive about paying down her student loans... assuming the government decides it's going to get things in order and start asking for payment again. lol 



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