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Joke not funny - needs Punchline.



In looking at the description for my Venezuelan set again it occurred to me that I never really closed the loop and brought it all back the coins and the set, so I ended up adding a paragraph towards the end that brought my discussion back to that set.

But the whole thing got me thinking about an old routine from Ron White, when he stops, seemingingly in the middle of the joke, with no punchline to wrap things up. It just stopped and he said, "Joke not funny! Need Punchline."

It was a bit funny making that change, however, to a set that just won an award, and it made me think of a recent conversation where someone asked me if I still work on and add to these sets. And the answer was, of course!

The Zimbabwean note set has probably had about 20-25 notes added to it since it won an award in 2020.

The Zimbabwean coin set was only about 14-15 coins at the time when it got its award in 2021 and it still needed several additions to bring it up to a complete 23-coin set.

As I continued to find more information on them, I also continued to build out my descriptions on both those sets.

The Venezuelan set is only about 66% complete and I need to add several coins - most of which I already own in raw form - to make it complete, And I want to make it complete.

I don't know that I'd say I'll always consider these "open." I remain open to upgrading the Zimbabwean coin and note sets in the future if coins and notes come up, but I consider both to be pretty idle and not really active projects anymore. At a minimum I'd say both are on a firm hold until I get an itch to try to improve the few lingering weak points in the coin set or go on a massive overall to push the average grade on the Note set up.

But I definitely don't just drop these things once they win something.

I think where that becomes a problem for the person asking me about this is they were wondering if I'd ever consider publishing these things and the writing and research in a physical form, and to do that I think I'd have to reach some kind of final state beyond which further additions and alterations are unlikely. Although I suppose you could open up the idea of editions.


Edited to add: I guess I should visit the main page more often. I just saw the announcement about DW Lange passing. That... is a bummer. He always seemed to have a great sense of humor about things when he posted on the boards and it was always nice that he took the time.


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I really didn't touch my 2020 winning set after the awards due to the fact that they stopped issuing coins for it and that I had turned my attention elsewhere, mainly to banknotes. There are a few descriptions that I've been meaning to touchup and or update, along with a phantom slot that needs to be removed, but other than that there isn't much to do on that set until more coins are issued. I could chase my tail and try to upgrade a few coins from 69 to 70 but I don't really have any interest in doing that as there are much better things to spend my collecting budget on. 

The other thing that deters me from updating, adding to, or starting a description on an item is time and how much you are limited in the sets as far as the amount of text and images you can add. I much prefer talking and posting about items in my Journal where I can run wild about a subject and present it in a more viewer friendly manner, I think, and if I'm spending most of my free time posting in my Journal that leaves me little additional time for the actual sets. 

I don't consider any of my sets finished but once the bulk of the work is done, updates can be few and far between. 

The passing of DWL was extremely sad to hear of, I had real hope that he would beat his illness and return to good health. He was an active participant on the boards and shared his knowledge freely, a void that has not been filled since he fell ill and probably never will be. I remember catching his NNP symposium talk on coin boards and thoroughly enjoying it and David's enthusiasm on the subject, Coin Board News was one of my guilty pleasures to read. 

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