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In some new, interesting developments, it looks like the 50 Lire category picked up 2 new sets in a day and I'm bumped to #3 for now. I think this happened just yesterday.

I kinda had a feeling this would happen and that that would be a 1-year win when I made the set but had no plans to heavily develop it thus year - opting instead to focus on the 500 Lire set.

I'm not ruling out building that 50 L set some more and giving the newcomers a bit of a fight. But the 500 Lire has always been the focus and flagship of this effort and my priority and it still is.

On that front, I'm hoping what I've done - which will soon build that set out to 11 coins in the 14 slots - will be enough to keep that set on top a while longer.

I'm still eyeing making it a complete 14/14 set.

On that front, I was doing a bit of shopping and found 1) a seller with a lot of coins that included a 1995 500 Lire that looked really solid in the photos and 2) a seller in Germany that was selling these by the date and had 1 2000 and 1 2001 listed for sale. The coins are shown in flips in the pictures and I'm hoping they'll be in good condition when they come.

I decided to spend ~$20 taking a shot in the dark. I bought all three.

With these 3 coins I will at least have a representative piece for each date / year that is currently included in that set category.

I may continue shopping and buying some things that look promising in the interim, but I think when my membership renews next year and I have $150 to spend I'll send in 1 per date ( the best of each that I find) and make that a full graded set of the non-comemmorative issues. 

Then maybe I'll slug it out with someone over 50 Lire coins. lol


Side note but a 14 coin set is an awkward number to display.

Am I bum if I get a really fancy case / display for my Zimbabwe birds but not this 500 L set for my wife? lol


2nd side note, but, as was pointed out to me on the PMG side, the RBZ has announced that they will be making 1/10th, 1/4th, and 1/2 oz versions of their "popular" new 1 oz gold coins and that those will be coming out in November. I think I will definitely be begging the wife for the 1/10rh and the 1/4th oz.




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On 9/4/2022 at 7:57 AM, Fenntucky Mike said:

Good luck with this, I think a nice display for the 500L could help your cause. xD

I could see several things helping with my cause there: 1) a nice display for it, 2) finishing the graded set and 3) winning a major award with the 500 Lire set next year. lol

I mention the last only because you've said you think it will happen, but I do think the fact that I included coins that they actually brought back to the US with them when they returned definitely gives it a good story that may put it in the running. hm

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