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Making Progress and Hoping for Good News Soon.



I actually managed to get my box to the Post Office on 8/12 and, since I decided to chance it on a Priority Mail Flat Rate box and not pay for Registered Mail for such a low-value submission this time, NGC received the box on 8/15.

The submission is still not showing in the system yet, but, based on currently advertised turnaround times, I'm hoping I'll have grades by around 09/09 or 09/16 (3 or 4 weeks from now to be generous on my expectations vs 13 business days). 

We'll see. In any case, that would put the coins back here earlier in the year than my first Zimbabwe Submission and that should give me a comfortable amount of time to get the new coins imaged and in the sets. The 500L coins and 1986 Italian coins at a minimum anyway.

I'm less convinced that the Venezuela Set will be ready for "Prime Time" this year but starting to build that out as a Custom Registry Set is going to be next on my list of coin-related projects.

My plan is to have a large number of slots in that Venezuela set representing issues and varieties that I do not have and I'm not convinced I'm going to be able to get them at economically attractive or feasible prices. So I don't know what the ultimate fate and state of that set is going to be. Because I started this thinking I could snap up representative pieces of everything and then I figured out how much I didn't know about and now I just don't even know how to get the stuff I now know about without feeling like I'm just massively over paying and over spending.

Some days I wonder if it'd be easier to just collect US, but I think it would be way less interesting and fun (for me). lol 

Edited to add:

I've officially started building this set and posted the first of what will probably be many many drafts and iterations if the Zimbabwe note set, coin set, and the Venezuelan note set are any indications.

Pain into Suffering - Custom Set (collectors-society.com)



Edited to add, the submission showed up in the system as received this morning. :wishluck:



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