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The coins arrived!



The box came with the Zimbabwe and Italian coins yesterday. With the kids in bed and the chores handled we sat down together to take them out of the box.



She joked about me and my hoard and how pleased I was, but I was surprised by how quickly the 500 L coins were pulled away and how happy she was to get to handle them and look at those.


I went at one point and got the other 500L coins, the previous submission of Zimbabwe coins and a couple of empty boxes I have. I gave one of the boxes to her and she was thrilled to realize she was getting her own box for her group of 10 coins - but, seriously, 10 coins is a decent number and a lot to handle as loose slabs. So it made sense, but it also made her really happy.

When I handed her the box she actually perked up more, smiled and said, excitedly, "I get my own box?!?"


I also had to pull out all the old coins, lay the out, order them, and there ya go: the largest collection of NGC Graded Zimbabwean coins in the world - because no one else has been crazy enough yet. lol


After we were done looking I got on my phone and popped all the cert numbers into the sets at last. Shandy called me crazy because of all the "TOP POP" coins, but most are top mostly because there are so few graded, and her newly expanded set isn't short on Top Pops for now, for similar reasons. But she may have a point that the Zimbabwe set is now complete (but very much working on the 500L set) and that set now presents just a wall of "Top Pop" only broken at one place for now. lol My "cute, dopey, derpy set of (well-presented) Top-Pops" fullfilled!

277716764_690067302111051_6734483070140831985_n.thumb.jpg.c113924647a5e778f01205db1003fcbb.jpg     277593566_359071996270379_3866063562428015194_n.thumb.jpg.bae5cfccbbefa58c38c0693906afd06d.jpg

She spent the rest of the night referencing "my" (her) coin collection and pointing out, "I think you love me." 

I did good. She's happy. Her with the 1990 that her family brought back, that is now in an NGC holder as an MS67.


So, there you have an "unboxing" story, that is really more about the moment than the coins.



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On 4/13/2022 at 7:48 PM, Just Bob said:

It is great that you two can share this love of collecting. Don't ever take it for granted.

Just like i can't ever take her for granted. :)

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One other thing: you need to crop, print, and frame that picture of her pointing at the coin. That look that she is giving you is cuter than a basket full of puppies.

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On 4/14/2022 at 10:22 AM, Just Bob said:

One other thing: you need to crop, print, and frame that picture of her pointing at the coin. That look that she is giving you is cuter than a basket full of puppies.

I think I'd actually go for the first one in that group where she's smiling all happy to print and frame but I'll keep that in mind. lol

On 4/13/2022 at 10:50 PM, Coinbuf said:

Looks like you both had an awesome time and that is the best part of this journey you are now both on.

Yeah. lol Too bad it's a relatively short set. I may need to start getting creative with new placed to take it. But I think including the circulating commemorative years that aren't part of that registry set - 1993, 1996. 1997 - might be the first step when the time comes. But, for now, I still have some gaps to address.

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