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So here a couple of recent threads / posts converge...



A month back I posted about starting to collect modern Venezuelan Coins and l.quintero shed some light / shared some information I didn't know including the fact that last year Venezuela released 3 coins and not 1, but the 1 Bolivar was the only one I'd seen get any press.

I've been finding it hard before and since to find anyone selling even the 1 Bolivar online - much less full sets of all three coins. The sellers offering the 1 coin have been demanding $6-9 each for them even when buying multiples

Earlier this weekend I posted about that dealer in Ukraine - from whom I've bought many of my Zimbabwean and Venezuelan coins from.

I went looking to see if they had anything I could place and order for - just because. I was thinking maybe 5 more sets of those 10 to 500 Bolivar Coins from 2002-2004 that they have that hardly anyone else does. The ones I got from my last order looked pretty nice. I haven't picked through to see if any of them are really strong yet, but they seem promising - so why not maybe pick up a few more and see what I get? (If I get it.)

When I looked though I found they were listing lots of 5 sets of the 3-coin sets with all the 2021-dated coins. They were asking about $45-50 for 15 coins, and that is higher than I prefer for these purchases - ~$3/coin when I like $1-2 - but still far more reasonable than what others were asking.



I don't know when they listed these, but I hadn't seen this when I looked the other week.

In normal times I would have ordered one of these 5 set lots for $48 ($40 + shipping) and been pretty thrilled. This is exactly what I've been looking for for weeks now, although I'd been hoping for more like $25-35 after shipping. But this seller offers the other Venezuelan coins and many others much cheaper, so they seem to know when the market rate for something is higher and when it isn't - they sell the 2002-2004 coins for $16 + shipping for a 25-coin lot - and they price accordingly.

After giving it some thought I ordered two of the 5 set lots and got the 5 sets of 2002-2004 coins I'd originally thought of. Meaning I'll have gotten 10 of each type of set from them, 10 of each type of coin, if these make it out of Ukraine.

It'll be fun to look through them all hopefully. With 10 of each I'll feel pretty confident I have a decent sample of what they have.



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