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The Old Man…



Yesterday Sam was finally feeling better – he is back at daycare today and we’re enjoying our 1 child-free work from home day of the week – so we got to go out with my in-laws so we could have a birthday celebration with them, and they could give me their present for me… and I finally got to find out what the big mystery was that my wife has been keeping.


I laughed so hard and this and got a real kick out of it. I’m normally not very effusive when getting gifts but they said they think this is the best response I’ve had to a gift in 7 years of knowing me.

So here is the story on this thing:

You all know I like Pawn Stars if you’ve read some prior entries. Yes, I know it isn’t real. It is still entertaining IMO.

I love the old man, as many people do / did. When I was growing up my mother always said I was like a grumpy, curmudgeonly old man and that I was “18 going on 80.” She’s called me her grumpy old man for nearly 20 years. To this day my wife points out that I “can be so curmudgeonly some days.” So, I enjoyed this man, always did.

Something made me think of these the other week and I went online to see what they were going for and the asking prices on eBay were insane. I screen-capped it and sent it to my wife and I was just like, I really like these, but I just can’t see ever paying that much for one.

My mother-in-law – who was given me proof silver eagles the last couple of years, one of which she bought at the mint in Philadelphia a few years back when she visited New York – wanted something new / different to give me and my wife suggested this. She then was able to find a way to buy it directly and get a much better price on it than what I was seeing – I don’t know what, but I’m assured they didn’t pay the $125+ prices I was seeing on eBay and that they stayed in their normal budget. So, I’ll believe her. hm


I love that they got one of the ones in an NGC holder. :)

It makes a great gift for a birthday like 35 for someone born in October that’s a father of 2 sons. Lol


I think this is one of those things you have to be given as a gift. It works so much better than just buying it for yourself. lol

Forgot to mention this in my last entry but Ben is apparently convinced that my favorite color is gold and he thought I’d want gold-colored icing on my birthday cake this week. I don’t know why he thinks this. If you look at my office, you’d more likely come to the conclusion that my favorite color is cherry-colored wood. Other than my coins that actually are gold, my wedding ring and my class ring, I don’t think I own a single thing that is gold or gold-plated or anything like that and he doesn’t even see the actual gold coin except for very very rarely. Honestly, after him calling that small silver bar a gold bar I’m wondering if he even really knows what “gold” is and looks like or if he thinks silver is gold. I actually DO like silver and “gunmetal” / “gunmetal grey” on things.



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Hi William!!!

First off, it sounds like you have a great relationship with your in-laws, which is really cool.  They even buy you birthday presents!!  I do not have such a thing.  My father-in-law is the greatest guy you'd ever want to meet but my mother-in-law is a Catholic extremist zealot who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and that combination is absolutely no fun at all.  Either one on its own would be horrible but the two together......*shudder*.  I have no idea how a really super guy like my father-in-law ended up married to her.  To be fair, Candice struggles with her mom, too.  She's the kind of person almost anyone would struggle with.

It's funny you should mention Pawn Stars!! My old boss's former business partner was actually on an episode of that show.  And there's nothing wrong with entertainment that's "fake".  I love zombie movies and t.v. shows and they're definitely fake.  Entertainment doesn't have to be based in reality...it's often a little escape from the real world, which everyone needs sometimes.

Kids can be funny......it's funny that Ben's proclaimed your favorite color to be gold!!! But you're right.....I'm wondering if he has gold and silver mixed up, based on what you've written.  It's entirely possible.  

Congrats on your new pickup....it's something any Pawn Stars fan would love.


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On 10/22/2021 at 5:38 PM, Fenntucky Mike said:

... the Old Man is one of if not the main reasons to watch. 

It sure isn't Big Hoss! lol I really think the latest seasons, filmed after his death in 2018, suffer from his absence.

On 10/22/2021 at 5:38 PM, Fenntucky Mike said:

That medal is hilarious and a pretty great gift. (thumbsu

I'm thrilled to have one at long last. I think they started making these around 2016/2017 because I feel like it was after Ben's birth that I found out about them but it was before his death in 2018.

Funny aside, but I had long suspected the show showed a bias towards / for NGC over PCGS, then they made these things and they started popping up in NGC slabs and not PCGS slabs and I'm pretty sure this confirms that they are Pro-NGC in the battle of the Big Two.

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