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In 1986, I started an American Silver Eagle set for my son to inherit someday. I started with the MS set and my first coin was purchased from TV sales. After a few years, I was able to start a proof set, and the collection expanded. I have been fortunate enough to maintain these sets through the years, but not without losing coins due to slot eliminations in the Registry. Everyone had to have the 2000 "Millennium" slab. Now it's history. A few others also. Now sets are being created for reverse proof, FDOI, anniversary, or whatever.

This year we lose the heraldic reverse on the Eagle, yet gain another landing. I understand 1 MS coin for each type. I understand 1PF coin for each type. I can eve stretch and understand a reverse issue for each type.

There are now 6 slots in the Registry, and still no mention of the reverses. The Mint even has "emergency" issues. What emergency? 2009 was a slight emergency. My 2009 proof is missing! Stolen silver shipment. No more silver bullion to San Francisco. All bullion coins are minted at West Point, NY. Why can't we go back to the original 2 yearly issues, or add the RP as a third? 10?

This is becoming a financial endeavor rather than a pleasant hobby. It should be about a few coins, not hands full of money.

I am certain the flack is coming, but it won't be the first time. I enjoy collecting, I enjoy the competition. I like the people I have met here through the years. I just think it may have gotten a bit out of hand.



2021 S EAGLE LANDING T-2 FR  RPF 69 OBV  6309772-014  014.jpg


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Those were my first love when I got back into coins in 2007 and I still like them, but I gave up on them almost entirely around 2010. Now every time I look at them again and start getting tempted to get back into some of my sets I take one look at the current state of things, say, "Ugh!" and go do something else.

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