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And now things get more clear...



So, I was still feeling salty about those $2 and $5 bi-metallics and decided to leave a bad review on them a while ago - I left good reviews on two raw notes I'd bought that both graded well.

A few days later they reply to the 5-star reviews thanking me, but I see nothing on the 2-star... The 5 stars are showing on the website, but the 2 star isn't.

Three days later I finally see a reply come through saying that they tried to reach out to me but got no response... the 2-star review still isn't showing on their website even though they responded to it...

As I pointed out to them, I get and see tons of emails from them - I'd gotten 4 emails that day about their flash sale. I get their emails asking for reviews on what I've bought previously. I got the emails responding to the other reviews. And yet... somehow... they claim I missed and didn't respond to the one email I've really wanted from them?? I see everything else, and nothing goes to spam - I'm sure in part because Gmail knows I actually open a lot of them - but - somehow - I didn't get that one message.

They responded back saying they sent the message on the day before the other comments came back. I checked to see - not in my trash. Not in spam. Not there. I think they need to check their "drafts" folder. But I don't think they sent anything.

But I do suddenly understand how - and why - those coin sets had only three 5-star reviews when I got such shabby coins and why there's never anything other than 5-star reviews on that site on anything.

They must be blocking / filtering out anything that isn't 5 stars. It's a testimonial feed masquerading as a rating / review system. So, I'm never going to bother leaving a review on that site again. No one will ever read it.

I did send images of those 6 coins, just because - I'm right and what they sent for those 2 denominations looks nowhere near as nice as what their website images show.

It didn't really go anywhere because it was past their 30 day return window.

I didn't expect anything good to come out of it, but the complaint deserved to be made. If I'd wanted a refund, I would have chosen to contact them within 30 days and instead I chose to pick what seemed worthwhile and make a smaller submission - there really aren't tons of sellers offering these coins / sets in uncirculated condition. But they promised mint and that isn't what they delivered and that deserved to be called out.

Maybe I'm unfair in some of my griping here but I don't think I'm going to be buying from them anymore. I've had success buying from them in the past and had good service in the past but since 2020 every time I interact with their customer service it tends to be a disaster and they've jacked up their order minimums so much that you can't just make a small, fun purchase anymore - other dealers are just treating me better at this point - and delivering what they advertise.

On a more positive note, the coins I submitted hit Grading/Encapsulation today. So maybe in another week I’ll finally know how good or bad the coins I didn’t hate did, along with the Bond Coins, which I’m very optimistic on.

Seeing this helped spur me on to work a little more on my descriptions and comments for these Zimbabwean coins. I’m hoping to polish them off with comments on how well they do individually and post them up as soon as I get them - hopefully with some nice looking photos.



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Hi William.....guess who's back!!

I'm so sorry you had a bait and switch with your Bond Coins......I've had that happen to me in the past when I used to collect things that are a lot more recent than what I do now.  But that really sucks and it definitely says something that they're filtering their reviews like that.  Very shady and, once again, it really sucks.

Though I'm probably restating the obvious here, but I see you've moved into Zimbabwe coinage as well as the notes......very cool!!!  I hope you have better luck with your next purchase, though and I definitely hope that your submission does very well!!

And, to you, sorry I disappeared for a while.....I lost both my mom and stepmom to cancer within months of each other, and I stopped collecting and was all kinds of messed up for a while, so I'm very sorry if you wrote me any messages or anything I didn't reply to.  

I'm glad to see you're still here, though :) 


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On 8/24/2021 at 10:48 PM, Mohawk said:

I lost both my mom and stepmom to cancer within months of each other, and I stopped collecting and was all kinds of messed up for a while, so I'm very sorry if you wrote me any messages or anything I didn't reply to. 

I had seriously wondered a few times if you were the one that was dead in a car accident or something with the suddenness of the departure but I'm glad that you're okay. I'm sorry for your losses though.


The Zimbabwe note set won "Best Presented" in 2020 and I got a journal award and credit here so expanding into the coins and filling some holes seemed like the thing to do. lol I've managed to buy some $2 Bond Coins and some good / better looking $5 bi-metallics. The $1 bond coins are proving harder to get at a good price so far and I think I'll have a hard time getting some of the earlier non-steel issues in good condition.

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Congrats on your 2020 wins, William!!! That's awesome!!!  While I do not know Zimbabwe's coins and notes like you do by any stretch of the imagination, it would seem that there are some tough issues lurking in that area......but if anyone can complete this set, it's you!!!

I've been looking at your journals and things to catch up on what you've been doing during my time away and I just want to say it's amazing to see how your boys have grown!!! And I'm sorry the coin bug hasn't seemed to catch with Ben yet......but the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards at least show he's interested in collecting something.  When I worked at the brick and mortar coin store, we also sold cards and we did indeed have a few younger collectors who started with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards "graduate" into collecting coins......but, then again, some of them also "graduated" into Magic; The Gathering cards!!!  But I'd say there's still hope :) 

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On 8/25/2021 at 12:08 PM, Mohawk said:

......but, then again, some of them also "graduated" into Magic; The Gathering cards!!!  But I'd say there's still hope :) 

I mean, plenty of grown men still play and collect Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. (shrug) So maybe he moves on to M:tG, maybe not. Maybe he does what I did and do a little of all 4 - and I still own a number of M:tG cards. I think the art is generally superior to YiGiOh and beats the crud out of Pokemon but YuGiOh does have some nice art.

In that regard I collected the cards for reasons similar to many of my coins but the cards lack the history / context of the coins.

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So true.  And I agree about the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards...some of those are very cool.  I do like the artwork on them.  But you're right about the history component......that is lacking with the cards.  I couldn't remember anyone who did both gaming cards and coins from my time at the brick and mortar, but there were several customers who did collect both sports cards and coins.  And I even have a few Garbage Pail Kids cards myself, not many, but some.  Mostly for nostalgia.  I guess for me, once coins came along, they overtook everything else.  The cool thing is that there are so many paths to follow in life......and it's gotta be cool to watch your sons find the right ones for them :) 

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