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Collecting cards is more complicated than I would have thought…



So… Ben has gotten in to Yugioh cards…

He started watching it on Netflix after he’d been watching lots of Pokemon and Bakugan and other anime and Netflix suggested it. Thank you for that suggestion Netflix… So helpful.

So we had a collection of Pokemon cards that was mostly a hand me down from me / my youth, a collection of bakugan, a now rather staggering collection of Beyblades, and now he wants to collect Yugioh Cards and play duel monsters…



So, we’ve definitely got the whole “collecting” thing down but I’m having a hard time “selling” the coins in the context of this because you can’t play with them, and they don’t do anything and there's not a children’s show geared towards selling and promoting playing with coins. lol Anyway… 

We started him out with this pack that had two 30-card decks for $11 so he could have a deck and we could have a deck to play against him with.

So then a comics and cards store opened up like half a mile from our (old) house a few days ago and he saw it on the way home one day and saw pokemon on the windows and wanted to go there… And Shandy took him… This is critical mistake number 1, folks!

This place (which I still have not personally gone to, he’s just gone with his mom) apparently has a display case with yugioh cards and last week, for the first time in his life, bought a single - he bought a really powerful monster card that he has been obsessed with for days. He wanted to sleep with it but we said no / drew the line there. lol

After that he started talking about getting a “Red Eyes Black Dragon,” which is one of the favorite cards of a character in the show- a blonde American character that you could argue looks a little like my blonde child. He bought a booster pack for the first time hoping to get it and, of course, didn’t get it.

Please don’t accuse me of loving this kid or liking making him happy, but I went on eBay to see if I could get him something at a good price to surprise him with. I’ve also recently ordered some random lots of cards to be delivered to the new house soon. I think he’s having a lot of feelings about leaving this house and going to a new place and this seemed like it might be a good way to buy him a little joy… I don’t spoil him. Stop looking at me in that tone of voice. :whistle:

But I did find a Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon for cheapish, which isn’t exactly what he was talking about but it’s close enough that I don’t think he’ll care much. If I can get a good price on the OG card later I may yet do that but… we’ll see. I went ahead and ordered 2 so we could have one to try to limit his efforts to literally stack the decks in his favor. lol


But this whole thing has had me looking at a lot of Yugioh Cards on eBay and you can find examples of very similar cards with similar stats but one is $50-100 and one is $3. And I start to see that there are “1st editions” and “limited editions” and “unlimited” editions and there have been multiple releases of the same monster sometimes with different art or with a different color for the background or the wording is in a different color and… my gosh there is apparently some subtle stuff that goes into determining if you have garbage or gold. O.o


In the course of my shopping I found a Dark Magician Girl card - another card prominent in the show, and this one has some nice artwork on it. My wife has been playing with him a lot and enjoying her “Insect Princess” card so I decided to get this one and have it be for Mommy’s deck. Since Ben keeps trying to get Mom to “trade” and taking cards from her / our deck that he wants (ie all the powerful ones so he can win) I’m going to explain to him that this one is Mom’s exclusively.


And I also got an offer from a seller to get another of this character’s - Joey Wheeler - favorite cards for $3 so I just took it. The Flame Swordsman.


Again. I don’t love or spoil this child. lol

Of course, I'm not telling him about any of this or letting him know any of it is coming because it will be a few days and I don't want to be nagged to death...


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