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One day, I will have a full set... maybe.



Recent discussions on the forums had me looking at and thinking about getting some of the new American Innovation series dollars to show Ben and Sam as they get older.

I'd initially dismissed the idea of doing this in 2018/2019 because I didn't really have the budget for it, and I was sure it turn into another series I'd never finish - like the presidential dollars.

This got me looking at the presidential dollars on eBay. The last time I did this I picked up the 2009 and 2010 sets but couldn't find any of the later years for a price I liked. Still, going from 8 coins to 16 got me up to Lincoln and it was a step in the right direction. This time I found the 2011s - and decided to snap them up. They were at a good price, and I really wanted to get them because this at least gets me to 50% complete and gets me to having all the Civil War era presidents - including Grant.


Why is Grant important? When we were assigned presidents to do research papers on in the 5th grade, I got Grant and I read his bio from the library. So, I wanted that one and it bothered me that I didn't have it.

Yes. I still remember what president I did a report on in the 5th grade, but I sometimes struggle to find my keys. I feel you judging me. We can now move on.

Maybe one of these days I'll actually finish that set. I may try to pick up one or two more year sets of these soon and move a little closer. It seems like it may be possible to snag a 2015 or 2016 set at a reasonable price soon. I'd rather go for 2012 but I'm going to prioritize low hanging fruit and I'm not seeing any good deals on the 2012 sets currently.

And I may yet get the innovation series coins and maybe finish those or maybe not. Even if I don't get them all the boys may get some enjoyment and value from them and they may prove to be another way to get the boys to connect with coins. And that polio vaccine coin is interesting to me. Being a PhD engineer, and a researcher, some of them relate to some cool history.

I think I got up to having four each of the first 9 Queen's Beast coins before everything went insane and bullion prices went crazy. I would love to finish those and get the new "completer" coin, but I just am not in love with paying $75-90 for a 2-ounce coin. I was happier paying $40-45. I just don't know when or if I'll be able to swallow that pill. For that money I'm just having more fun with other projects - like the Zimbabwe coins.

Small aside but, after ordering these I decided at the end of a stressful afternoon to try to find the other 16 so I could get them all together and have them in a box together. I got frustrated with hunting through boxes to find what I wanted, snapped a little and started some red-neck labeling with printer paper and tape. Maybe this will help me after the move is finished in a couple of weeks. I need to work on getting more boxes soon I guess.

I tried to show the coins to Ben and just didn't get much response at first. He wanted to watch his Lego movie and had no time for my nonsense talk of guys on coins.  The next day he did come up to me while they were out, and we talked about them some. I'm going to try to keep encouraging interest in history and coins with him. Sam still isn't ready. I don't really think Ben gets it yet either - I don't think he really understands who the president is yet - but he'll get there soon enough.

Speaking of Ben, he just hit a new milestone. He lost his first baby tooth last night - it had gotten super loose and was hurting him, so he stood very calmly while I pulled it out.



Apparently, his cousin gets notes / letters from the tooth fairy so I had to write one for him. I never got letters. I just got cash! I used to get $1. These days the norm appears to be $5. I think it will be used to buy yet another beyblade. The size of his collection these days is both shocking and impressive. lol



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