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Some Updates… That escalated quickly... very quickly.



Sam’s intensive therapy is over. Yay! His last day was actually the Thursday I posted about getting the plaque in the mail. Three weeks of stress and crying and having a generally unhappy 2-year-old can end – but it was for his own good, and he did great. He’s supposed to continue to wear a cast and restrict his left hand one day a week and one meal a day to continue the development of motor skills with his right hand, but that hopefully won’t be as contentious.

Shandy and I both got the first CoVID shot (both Moderna) in March and we’re getting the 2nd dose on 4/20 and 5/1 respectively. So, we’ll be fully vaccinated by mid-May and we’re looking forward to getting to go out to eat again soon and to actually do something fun for her birthday in mid-June. We’re also hoping that we’ll really get to go on a cruise this year, unlike last year. I will still have missed two local coin shows that happened in January or March but… such is life.

Last year I’d attended a show in the Woodlands area in January and talked to a dealer about seeing them again at a show in March to see if they’d found any of the key-date 10G coins I needed in their inventory. I never got to go to that show in March because of CoVID and now I’ve had to miss the January and March shows this year. And… this is why we get contact info, people! lol Stupid virus…

The European pocket change from PawPaw is now fully mixed in with the coins I’ve had for years from my grandfather and others. I managed to not need another binder after all.  I vaguely remember thinking maybe I made a mistake by getting such a large / thick binder in the first place. I don’t feel that way now! That binder is heavy though!


Also: 2x2s Forevah! Flips only for submissions as to not make NGC annoyed. lol

But… What I feel like the big news is is that we’ll probably be moving much sooner than expected now.

Shandy poked me to ask out landlady what terms / requirements she’d put on letting us out of our lease early (11 months early) and I did. We fully expected her to hold us to the terms of the lease and we wouldn’t be able to leave early, but she’d like to sell and she’s willing to let us vacate pretty much as soon as we want with 1 month of notice so she can list the house, get it ready and flip it.

So… It looks like we may be leaving this house in May – next freaking month. OMG! The reason she pressured me and the reason why we’re looking to move now rather than later is so that we don’t have to move during Ben’s Kindergarten year. She wants to minimize the disruption to him, which I completely understand. It also has implications for Sam’s timing of entry into pre-school in early 2022.

So… yeah. That escalated very fast… this afternoon! I texted the landlady in the late morning and she called me back at 12:15 PM and we were pre-approved for a loan by 1:30-ish.


Is it horrible that I just keep mentally going back to the implications this has for the return shipping / timing on my current and planned NGC and PMG submissions? Is that horrible? That that is a major thing in my head as all of this is going on? lol

This is the only home Ben has ever known. He does not remember the place before this, the place we brought him home to and left when he was 18 months old. Now we’re looking to leave here when Sam is just a little older than that, and it is funny to think that Sam likely won’t remember this place. I think this is the 5th home I've had since starting this journal and the next one will be number 6.

… Time to buy some moving boxes I guess.

Also: As of this morning, this journal has surpassed 10,000 views. Wow. That feels like a lot. I wonder how much of that is me? lol




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