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It's that time of year again...



My birthday is coming up. I never would have thought we'd still be isolating and limiting our contact with people for 6 months and I'd be looking forward to a birthday in isolation but... here we are.

This also means it's another one of those moments where my wife starts trying to figure out how she can give me a nice surprise without me knowing what it is or outright picking it myself. So I've been updating my Amazon wishlist for her and others in my family because I know they check it.

The other day my wife asks me for my eBay user name and password - basically because she wants my watchlist. I mentioned that I'd changed the password recently just because I periodically update sensitive passwords - usually the banking ones especially - just to keep things safe and she makes this annoyed sounding half-grunt and says, "So that's why (the old password didn't work)."

I probably should feel more bad about making her slightly annoyed but... I think it's good for her. She rejoices in teasing me enough.

If she does buy me something off eBay there's a good chance it'll be a note for my Zimbabwe set. She joked about getting me a gold coin but we both know something like that is WAY outside of our normal budgets for birthdays with Gold near $2000/oz currently.

As a further thought on this: She gives me grief on being hard to shop for but she's not much better - especially now - because she doesn't like stuff. She likes trips and experiences and that is almost impossible in 2020. Life gets even harder with Christmas in December, our anniversary in January and Valentine's Day in February, which makes it hard to have 3 good ideas in rapid succession, but I actually have a number of nice ideas in my back pocket this year, for once.

Harris county is very close to dropping out of the "orange" risk level and into the "yellow." if that happens I may finally feel safe enough to venture to the Post Office to mail something off to Florida.



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11 hours ago, Zebo said:

There's always the 1/10th ounce gold coins (joking). How about a book - lots of good ones out there.

I wouldn't mind getting 1/10th ounce coins for 2016 and 2019, but they just aren't really a priority for me with my cash right now - I've been taking the hit on a new generator, a new vacuum, a new TV... Boring but necessary for the most part.

She has gotten me books before but not on coins. :)

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