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Happy Father's Day



I know quite a few of us that frequent this place are also fathers. Shandy let me sleep in this morning and, when I got up, she had the boys in Star Wars shirts saying "I am your Son" and one for me that says "I am your Father."


I mentioned elsewhere that I had an ebay auction ending late last night. I followed my practice of putting in my best number and going to bed. It so happened that, when I put in my best bid, i was winning it but my bid was maxed out and if anyone else had bid I would have lost. I still wasn't willing to stay up to 1 AM biting my nails and I still wasn't willing to up my bid, so I decided to just see in the morning. It turns out I won.

The thing I was after? A P-12a note for my Zimbabwe set.


The thing that makes this exciting? This was the last note I needed to have a complete variety set of Zimbabwe 1st dollar Series 2 notes. When I get this in the mail I'll have all 11.


It feels particularly fitting to score this last note on the morning of Father's Day since it's for a set that I got back into in a big way as a way of coping with stress during the 2nd pregnancy and Sam's NICU stay and everything that came later.











I'd always thought it would take me longer and cost me more to get to this point with this set but I've gotten lucky of late - a couple of dealers I buy from have been listing a lot of these lately and I've had some money I could get away with spending so I've, during quarantine, gotten the P-5a, the P-7, the P-9, the P-11a and now the P-12a, moving from being about 50% complete to now having them all.

Of course, I'm still not done with the Series 1 varieties. There's 18 varieties in Series 1 and I have 7 of them... but, maybe, one day.



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How many years between these, which seem to be mid 90's, and the hyper-inflation trillion dollar notes we've seen?  

What a shame that it's so easy to make very attractive colorful banknotes, but another thing entirely to back up their value

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4 hours ago, deposito said:

How many years between these, which seem to be mid 90's, and the hyper-inflation trillion dollar notes we've seen?  

What a shame that it's so easy to make very attractive colorful banknotes, but another thing entirely to back up their value

The first several are from 1994-1997.

The $500 and $1,000 ones are from 2001-2004.

The 4 notes denominated from $10 trillion to $100 Trillion hit around Dec 2008 or Jan 2009. I'm not sure exactly when they hit the street in Harare. 

So... I guess to answer your actual question, 14 years for the oldest ones?

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21 hours ago, deposito said:

geez I didn't know it was so recent.  I always hear about it, I never looked it up.

It was gong on just as I was getting back into coin collecting and buying / investing in silver in 2006 and 2007 as a young adult. Reading up on it and reading about the German event in the 1920s really captured my imagination and that period is what ultimately lead me here - And now I have my massive, 95-note signature set, which is my great tribute to the greatest hyperinflation of my lifetime so far. But that coincidence of timing is what's made this collection so near and dear to me that I've put such time and effort into this.

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