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Many slabs later..It's back home to NGC

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I recently acquired this magnificent 1910 E German Empire 1 Mark.The coin is currently in a PCGS slab but was originally graded by NGC as PR67UCAM. I have sent it back to NGC for CrossOver service and proud to say back to its originating grading service. This coin I believe to have been the NGC Price Guide Plate Coin.



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Wow, that coin is an absolute stunner.  The detail on that imperial eagle is amazing.   Thanks for sharing this with us.

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The photographs are the same.  The photograph that you have posted is the same as the photograph NGC used.  Therefore the if the images are the same (based on subtle shadowing and the post photograph editing) there can be only one coin.  I am curious how you came to have that digital image to post?  It is indeed a stunning photo and coin.  Enjoy!



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The digital image was passed on to me from the prior owner. Only wish I had the original NGC certification numbers. Spoke with NGC and they couldn't get me that information. It's absolutely stunning to look at. It has the deepest mirror finish I have seen for a coin that is 110 years old.

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After some digging I think I may have found your coin.  A similar or the same coin appears at Heritage in 2014 in an NGC Proof 66 UC Holder and sold for 646.25 with photos that are not photoshop edited (Photo 1 & 2).  So in 2014 at the time of that auction there were 2 NGC coins in Proof 66 with none finer and 1 in a PCGS 66 holder with none finer (3 coins at or above 66).  Your coin has a high likelihood (at least 50:50 chance) of being the 2014 Heritage coin.   The coin was crossed to a PCGS holder at sometime to bring the grade up to a Proof 67 Deep Cameo (PCGS simply give higher grades for the same WORLD coin than NGC does, they just do.)  The coin was sold on eBay for ~1450.00 in the PCGS holder with the same image that you have (Photo 3).  This image looks like it was taken in an old NGC holder as  there are no prongs of the edge view holder (either NGC or PCGS.)  Stacks's Bowers then sold the coin in a PCGS proof 67 UC in 2018 for 650.00 (now there are prongs seen on the cropped images (Photo 4).    When Heritage posts photos of a coin in a slab they use basic photography, no photo shop so the coin looks VERY different that those that they present as cropped images of the coin with the holder cropped out. 


Hope this helps,



Photo 1

German 1 Mark-E Pr-66 UC Obv.jpg

Photo 2

German 1 Mark-E Pr-66 UC Rev.jpg

Photo 3

German 1910 Marke-E Bay Immages unknown sale date.jpg

Photo 4

Stacks Bowers German 1 Mark-E.jpg

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The key point is that in 2014 there were no German 1 Mark-E Proof 67 Ultra Cameo coins in either PCGS or NGC holders.  Now at NGC there are 2 in Proof 66 UC and 1 in Proof 67 UC.  Now at PCGS there are no Proof coins above 65 in Deep Cameo.  There are still only 3 coins in the population reports for this Ultra Cameo group all now at NGC, 2 in 66 and 1 in 67.  But does that represent 1, 2 or 3 individual coins?  So the possibilities fro your coin are 1) a new coin surfaced (weak theory, because what happened to the PCGS 67 Deep Cameo),  2) the lone PCGS coin was submitted for upgrading (i.e it was never in an NGC holder)  or 3) one of the two NGC coins was crossed to PCGS to get a grade of 67 Deep Cam. and now you are crossing it back.  In an unusual act of integrity the PCGS labels 66 AND 67 Deep Cameo were returned when crossed to NGC because both the PCGS 66 AND 67 Deep Cam have been removed from the PCGS pop report.  Major kudos to you if you did that!  Population reports are bloated due to crack outs or re-submissions that don't return the original label to the competing service, but that is quite another topic.-

The links for the full size images are below.



The last Image can be found at NGC World Coin Auction Results and for each of the two headings just cut and paste the entries below 

Keywords: GERMANY. Mark, 1910-E. Dresden Mint. PCGS PROOF-67 DEEP CAMEO

Auction House: Stack's Bowers Galleries (& Ponterio)

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I don't believe you to be a disturbed person but someone who has a deep love for the truth. I am sincerely thankful for the time and effort you placed in the research. The coin is with NGC now for the crossover and I hope to see what they say by the end of the week. I'll post the results when I receive them. Also, to all collectors, I highly recommend  returning  labels to the original graders so the pop reports reflect some accuracy. Thank you once again.

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