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eBay's newest .....



What is the deal with eBay not allowing coin/bullion/paper money being bought or sold starting in 2021?  this will be  NOT permitted.  


what should we do?



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I think you'll get more / better response if you post this to the boards / forums proper and not to the journals, if your goal is to generate discussion anyway.

As far as the policy goes... I'm hoping they'll change the policy or open up another means by which sellers can continue to offering these items. If not... Dec 31 2020 will probably be the last time I buy anything on eBay.

If that's going to happen, for me, that's really going to suck as pretty much every coin for my 10G set and a large chunk of my buying for my Zimbabwe note set has been through sellers on eBay.

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They(eBay) certainly take a large chunk out of my bottom line when I sell a coin. It's becoming a break even arrangement. The dealers I have worked with for years, will be history. Coins are getting out of sight on price today anyway. I don't need a silver Eagle without a (P) mint mark either. What's wrong with the West Point strike without the (W)?


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The policy seems to only apply to merchants that enroll in the EBAY managed payment program.  If that's the case, then if you do not enroll, can you still sell coins, bullion, currency?  I guess that is the question and also, will it be more difficult to sell if you're not in that program.  For instance, can those unenrolled merchants still use Paypal?  Questions, Questions.

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