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My Coin World letter Printed



If you get Coin World/Trends, and read the guest commentary, my rebuttal letter to the editor was printed int he Aug. 7th issue...

I haven't written here in my journal for a while and there really is a lot of personal collecting news to tell...too much for one journal entry so I'll break into several this next week.First, I recently was a bit outraged by a guest commentator{a history professor by trade}in the editorials.Often these pages are full of whinings about... the mints ordering system...third party graders inconsistencies...whether or not to ditch the penny...too many modern commemes, and their designs. The last one actually got me riled up enough to write my first ever letter to an editor. H e wrote a 2 part/week series on the slow decline in the state quarter designs both artistically but mainly historically. I could have written a five week rebuttal to his foolishness, but the quick and trimmed{by myself for space sake} response was sent to the Editor of Coin World magazine...just to voice my opinion, and clear up a few facts..I was pleasantly surprised earlier this week to open its' pages and find my reponse printed.I will file this in a special place along with my registry awards and the personal letter I received from Q David Bowers for some input I gave him on the 1866 and 1867 shield proof nickels in his lsat book...{which he thanked me but didn't use...lol...anyhow..I hope you all either subscribe to Coin World and can read it..or look it up on-line and peruse it...JAX..Jackson



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