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Will the 2019-S enhanced reverse proof American Silver Eagle go up in value?

Master Of Coinage


With on 30,000 minted, I think it had the potential to appreciate in value as the 1995-W ASE did. I'm curious as to what the audience thinks?



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If prices rise, the Mint will produce a low mintage P and D issue. Dealers are the only beneficiaries of this created rarity. One coin per household doesn't include bulk dealer sales. Only dealers are allowed certain grading labels also. How do they rat the "special" first 100, signed editions? Greed is beginning to rule the collecting community. Some of the graded issues are at sale for over $20,000. It's the same 70 that I have, and paid less than $70.00 for it. I have 2 ounce silver coins in PF70, with less than 500 mintage, and cannot get even $800.00. Mint marks are a hoax too. If you want a decent set, you have to have it, and they know that! 

P.S. Mine is in scratch resistant holder......I wasn't allowed the FDOI label either.

2019 S EAGLE ENH REV PF 70  18754 OBV 4757777-001  001.jpg

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Prices seam to have already been dropping, auctions on the Bay have PF70 examples selling for at or slightly above $1,500 you can find them at online retailers for under $3,000 or even under $2,000 depending on the label and COA#. With the shear number graded and the PF70 population climbing, the price has nowhere to go but down in the near future. In 10 years we'll see where everything levels off, if I was to guess I would think that around a $1,000 would be where the price ends up for PF70 graded examples. 

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