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Ferdinand Erdman


Now we know why the PCGS coins were allowed back in the NGC Registry. The new ANA Registry is coming on line.



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That is what some have speculated. Whether or not the two were actually linked we'll probably never know. Whether or not we'll still be allowed PCGS coins here when the ANA goes live remains to be seen - they haven't made any clear comments on that so far.

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I agree that this is the reason that PCGS coins were allowed back into the registry sets, the real question going forward is once the ANA is up and running will we then see a reversal back to no more PCGS coins being added to the registry here, will PCGS coins be eliminated completely here or grandfathered in as happened a few years ago or will PCGS coins continue to be allowed and added to the NGC registry sets going forward.  Many questions and lots of speculation but no real answers at this time so I guess we will just have to see what happens in about a year from now.

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That's not written in stone. Yes they mentioned it. But it goes against there Mission which I read.. You see the ANA mission is to educate about coinage the have classes they teach. The survive on donations. To pay out and put one collectors set against another is against there mission.  It will cost money they need money. I would give it time. People.have all ready voices there opinion. NGC is a bussiness. We depend on donors. Thanks Mike

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After allowing PCGS coins for years, then not allowing them for a while, then letting them back in, I would be extremely surprised if they flip-flop again and ban PCGS coins, regardless of ANA actions. 

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