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My son is Houdini. I can't sell this couch now I think.



A couple of months ago I took a buffalo silver round out just to play around with. It goes missing in the living room shortly thereafter, never to be seen again, months later.

The other day Ben wants to have "big big monies," so I get out a fake "copy" silver eagle and give him that to play with. I figure, "Whatever, it's not even silver." Shortly thereafter he looses it in / around the couch and I can't find it. He's all bummed about it so, whatever, I give him another one. He looses it again - no time flat. I even here it drop this time but I still couldn't find it afterwards.

He's in bed now and I've been digging around with a flashlight and I can't find anything on any of these rounds.

I'm not going to be able to sell this couch now. When the time comes I'm clearly going to have to gut it and go digging.

I'm not sure if I should be amused, impressed or annoyed.

Edit on 1/13/2020:

Well, I managed to find the two fake silver eagles buy digging down into the guts of the couch with my hand. I also managed to find some tools that my son "borrowed" and the monitor part of our old baby monitor - we had to buy a new one months ago when Ben made that disappear too. Of course, for my trouble, I manage to get my hand caught and I'll probably have a bruise on the back of my hand now... joy. Still no sign of that old Buffalo round.



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my kid threw a not-so-bad-looking silver thai baht somewhere in our bedroom behind our bed or dresser a year ago.  I have a video of that coin on youtube from 2012 and it appears to be a dated example.  I have looked with a flashlight a few times, no luck.  if I had incriminating evidence I'd give it to a toddler

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