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An offer this guy can't refuse

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I have made some offers to owners through Heritage to try to sneak out with a coin or two I want.  I did get one that way, and I have sold one that way too.  It's a nice feature.  Usually my offers are ignored or rejected, and I have admittedly rejected most of the offers made to me.  I am more of a collector than a dealer, and the coins I would sell usually were purchased pretty long ago when I wasn't as focused.

Anyways, I was browsing the recent offers because it is a good picture of the market.  And I'll be interested to see what people have to say about this one!  See the 1850 O half dollar, without even a photo, that sold in 1997 for $431 which has a pending offer for $105,000, below. 


Typing error?  I don't know U.S. coins, but I have joked for a long time about how expensive they are compared to the ancient and medieval coins I collect.  I started a set of 1916 coins for my kid a few years ago, and the nagging hole in that set is the 1916 standing liberty quarter.  I will never be able to justify foregoing the rarer ancient gold I like just to put a quarter in a set that can barely be distinguished from a BU 1917 example that costs a couple hundred bucks.


Check out the progression of offers on this half dollar above.  Starting in 2016 someone started making modest offers, like $520, all the way up to a bold $1,200.  I guess they finally gave up on this owner ever responding or taking them seriously, won the lotto, and are back with a vengeance. 

I can't wait to see THIS offer show up as rejected in a couple days.  The owner must have parted with the coin, lost internet access, become incapacitated, or REALLY LIKES THE COIN.  Too bad we can't see how awesome this beauty must look.

Check your change for an 1850 O half dollar kids.


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Ha, ha, that's some way to get attention.  I agree, the owner doesn't check email or no longer has that coin.

I have used Heritage "buy from owner" to sell several of my coins.  It works well for ones that you got at a good price, not so well for the rest.

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That would have to be a bad bid (unless someone REALLY wants it) but I don't know what they were trying to put in. $1,500 I guess? Two non-sequential extra zeros?

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I was able to get 1 coin using the heritage offer but a few other offers just never went through so I guess maybe the owners never checked their email for messages from heritage.

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update - Heritage seems to have updated the offer to "$1,050 on January 10, 2020" which was rejected

crisis averted

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12 hours ago, deposito said:

update - Heritage seems to have updated the offer to "$1,050 on January 10, 2020" which was rejected

crisis averted

Mkay. Makes sense. They were probably trying to add the zeros after the decimal and didn't add the decimal.

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