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Feeding Daddy’s Money to the Puppy



I’ve made references to a piggy bank in a previous journal but one thing I don’t know if I’ve discussed is what the piggy bank is. The piggy bank is a small dog that has been in my possession since I was around Ben’s age, plus or minus a bit - I was too young to remember.


This is one of two piggy banks that I still have from this early period of my life. The other one is metal, but it no longer works as a piggy bank because I lost the door that goes on the bottom of it to keep the coins in.


Of all the things I own, I think these two piggy banks are two of three things have been with me the longest, tied with an old teddy bear that was with me from my days in a crib. The bear these days mostly belongs to Ben.

After we emptied and refilled this (puppy) piggy bank a couple of times my son began to refer to this as “feeding the puppy” or “feeding the money to the puppy.” This is both cute and a little funny given the location of the slot for putting the coins into the piggy bank - it’s not at the dog’s mouth, it’s on the back of the head. I don’t think I’ve ever fed a pet through the skull but… kid logic at its finest.

This has also led to some funny one-offs that I’m sure would have gotten us some funny looks if anyone was paying attention.

Shandy: “Oh, look! Daddy found a dime! Ben, do you want to feed it to the puppy later?”

Ben: “YEAH!” *Smiles*

The other day Ben decided that he needed to feed “daddy’s monies” - the one ounce silver buffalo rounds - to the puppy.

The silver coins were picked in part, as I’ve said before, for being big - for being too big for him to try to swallow. At the same time, they’re a lot larger than anything this piggy bank (puppy bank?) was intended to accept - they’re too big to fit in the hole.

This led to some rather over-zealous attempts by my son to forcefully shove one of them into the slot, which I quickly stopped because I really didn’t want to see him damage my old coin bank.

That in turn led to me getting a piece of a toddler’s mind as he told me he did not approve of my silly opinions getting in the way of his wants.



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LOL, SPCA gets an urgent call from local McDonalds.  A Father is encouraging his son to feed coins to a Puppy.  I have the license plate number, please investigate.  (:

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I should get my kid a coin bank.  We just take change and throw it down the 20-story stairwell to hear it ding around, then find it later, and check the damage.

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