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Sometimes the unlikely happens - Sam is home



Things went well and fell into place yesterday and Sam was released this morning. He's finally home from the NICU after 59 days (16 days before his due date).

2-12-2019 to 4-12-2019 - Finally home from the hospital.

Now the fun really starts. I may not be getting to play with coins and the camera this weekend...

USPS was supposed to deliver a package yesterday for the Zimbabwe set. Apparently, even though the package has been in Houston since Wednesday, they're being a bunch a insufficiently_thoughtful_persons with it and it's probably not even going to be delivered today. I don't know how it takes even the postal service 2 days (much less 3) to make something go from one side of Houston to another.








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This is the day the peanut gallery (your fellow journalists) had been waiting, hoping, and praying for! Sam is home! Exciting stuff! I know the Zimbabwe postal woes are only a fly in the ointment and pales in comparison. Congratulations! :) 


Oops, I should have looked up the term peanut gallery before posting it. It had negative connotations. However, part of the definition is true, we are rowdy! lol 

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5 minutes ago, gherrmann44 said:

 I know the Zimbabwe postal woes are only a fly in the ointment and pales in comparison. Congratulations! :) 

Oh definitely! But I still want to grumble! lol 

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Congratulations!! I'm so glad to see that Sam finally made it home!  And as far as your USPS problems are concerned.......it's amazing what kinds of inefficiencies and delays they can produce when the urge strikes them.  There was this one guy at the Post Office where I used to live who could not grasp the difference between a numismatic coin and a negotiable, circulation item......very frustrating for a guy who sells coins online and sometimes has to ship them overseas with customs declarations!  But the people at the Post Office where I live now are the greatest!  Just depends on where you are, I guess.

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1 hour ago, Just Bob said:

How much does Sam weigh now?

His last hospital weigh im was 5 lbs 13 oz. His first peds appointment is tomorrow so we'll get an updated weight then. He's supposed to gain about 1 oz a day.

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2 hours ago, Sheik Sheck said:

Send me your adress, I have a Zimbabwe gift for your son. Congrats.

Thanks! Will do. 

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