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Success!! (With the Micka Mouse Money)



After my son’s lukewarm response to the Chuck E Cheese 40-year tokens in the aftermath of his birthday party I left the tokens sitting out on my nightstand. Ben comes into our bedroom a lot in the mornings when he first wakes up and he likes getting things off my nightstand and playing with daddy’s stuff.

Today he comes into our room and sees the tokens sitting there. He takes interest, picks one up, holds it out to me and says, “Daddy, I need it” - his way of telling me I need to get it out of the packaging.

I get it out of the package - taking some care to not damage the cardboard card too badly and give it to him. I quickly hid the 2nd one - I’m going to keep that one in the original package and safe for later.

He proceeded to spend the next few minutes playing with it in our bed and telling us how it was his money and it wasn’t for Samuel or Bentley (the dog) - just him. I agree with him that it isn’t for the dog - I don’t need that vet bill in my life right now. lol 

We came downstairs shortly thereafter to start working on lunch. He sat down in front of the TV to watch one of his favorite TV shows. He brought the token with him and played with it in his hands while he sat there, sometimes dropping it on the tile and listening to the sound it made - the girl at the counter thought it was plastic, but this thing hits tile with a ringing that only metal makes, I’m guessing aluminum, zinc or nickel… But then again, based on the color, it might be manganese brass like the presidential dollars.

I loved watching the way he absent-mindedly played with it and twirled it between his fingers while he sat there.



It didn’t last long - he quickly moved on to something else. He is 3 after all. But I found this very encouraging.

Edited to add:

Today turned into a great and hysterical day for me, Ben, and coins (there was another aspect to this day / weekend that I'll address separately tomorrow but... Anyway). 

Ben went into my office and grabbed up that tube of Silver rounds and said he wanted to play with them. This turned to me having to shower him with silver rounds while he rolled around in them in our bed, laughing uproariously the entire time and declaring that it's all his money and talking about buying his new helmet while grabbing up the silver like he was going to use that to pay for his new bike helmet when we go to the store. lol





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I have no doubt that if coins is something Ben does with his dad that it will go a long way towards him collecting coins on his own some day! Showers of silver rounds sounds like a lot of fun for both father and son! :) 

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36 minutes ago, gherrmann44 said:

I have no doubt that if coins is something Ben does with his dad that it will go a long way towards him collecting coins on his own some day! Showers of silver rounds sounds like a lot of fun for both father and son! :) 

Well, you can see the pictures now of him laughing like a crazy person while I drop silver rounds on and around him. lol 

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Looks like fun. 


The last coin show I thought about going to, none of my three kids were interested in going with me. I started collecting too late I guess to interest them. 


Glad you are starting early!

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Oh Wow, now I want a shower of silver rounds, with maybe a Chuck E. token for good measure.   LisA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I need you Honey!!!!!!!!

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