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“Samuel Likes Money”



Well, this was drafted and supposed to be queued up before everything went crazy on Tuesday so it may make less sense chronologically than it previously would have but here it is anyway I think it's a sweet and funny story.

So, I have this “Heads or Tails” round that I got over 10 years ago as a joke. It has a nude woman on both sides so the “Head” and “Tails” should be self-explanatory from there. It’s the kind of thing that seems hysterical when you’re 22.

Of course, my toddler finds it… He has no context for understanding it. It’s just another “daddy’s money.”

I wasn’t home when he found it. This happened on a day recently when I was gone from before the sun came up until after the sun sets - this has been happening almost once a week lately. He likes to go into my home office (“daddy’s room”), mess with my stuff and look for me. I don’t necessarily blame him for this. I have a lot of stuff in there that a little boy would love including little robot toys… but I digress…

So, he finds this thing and decides that the woman on the coin is Mommy. Why? Apparently when you’re two and you see a woman and she has long hair like mommy and looks even remotely close to mommy, it’s mommy. I have a couple of framed lithographs by Larry Elmore (“Ancient Powers” and his “Betty Paige” inspired work). He thinks both of those are Mommy too.

I have to go by what my wife said since I wasn’t home.

Ben likes to kiss her belly and tickle her stomach to tickle “sammy-el.” He also likes to try to reach into her belly button to try to get the baby out (Actually says, “I get baby out.”)  – with predictable levels of success. I guess my wife’s stomach is like a room for the baby to him and the belly-button is the doorway to this room.

As a logical (to him) extension of this behavior, he decided that he wanted to give this particular “money” to Samuel. He attempted to do so by pulling up her shirt and trying to press the round into her belly-button while giggling and saying “Sammy-el likes money.”

My wife was laughing while explaining all of this. I’m a bit bummed that I missed it. It sounds like it would have been hysterical to watch.

My wife has joked, in the aftermath of this, that I should get similarly inappropriate silver sounds for both boys and give the rounds to them on their 18th birthdays as a kind of “dad joke gift.” I think the idea has some potential, if only to see their eyes roll back in their heads.



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