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Augustus 70


Please review Dan Hughes' Set

Dear set judges,

I request that you review, and I would like to nominate, Dan Hughes' set: Canada > Commemorative > S$20 Proof, 1985-2016, Complete set for BEST WORLD SET. With approximately 360 coins in the set, it is one of the larger sets one may attempt to acquire in the World Sets series. I am competing with Dan in a number of sets (including this one), and he is a fierce competitor. He has unparalleled dedication to this hobby, and owns many of the best pieces ever assembled for this series. To accomplish this is near impossible, as the cost for a rare single coin in this series could easily set you back $1000. It is quite reasonable to estimate that completing this set in top form would cost a collector close to $150,000 (including upgrades, submission fees, and raw coins that didn't make the grade), and a solid 5 years of your time (assuming you have the funds and flow to attempt this feat). This set truly is a daunting challenge that very few have had the pleasure of compiling to the point of near completion, and it will be very difficult for new collectors' of the future to reattempt the set that Dan has built.

So I request that you consider Dan Hughes for this award. I think it would mean a lot to not only him, but also those of us who have lost countless auctions to him in his quest to build the finest set possible. With this accomplishment, comes great sacrifice I'm sure. The enoromous time and monetary costs of achieving a set like this means that those resources must be diverted from other areas of life. So these sets, these huge and hard to complete sets, also represent what was foregone (an Italian sports car, a summer home, dozens of vacations) in order to build what truly is the best.

Here is a link to the sets in this series:


[Photo: 2009 S$20 Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Mask and 2009 S$20 Montreal Canadiens Goalie Mask. 2 of the rarer coins in this set, each with a surviving mintage of about 40 pieces]


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