Competitive sets for So-Called Dollars?



I think starting competitive sets for so-called dollars would be a win-win for collectors and NGC alike.

Coins that are at the top grades for their type, date, and mint mark are becoming quite expensive, whether they are modern issues or 18th Century coins. So-Called Dollars have remained relatively affordable even or top population coins. NGC is a leader in grading these coins in assigning the appropriate Hibler and Kappen (HK) designation. By opening repetitive sets in So-Called Dollars NGC would open the Registry to more people and allow for serious competition with a lower price tag.

The above description is how the collector would benefit. I think that the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation would benefit by #1) like world coins making this in NGC only registry, #2) would encourage the submission of So-Called Dollars that are not currently graded to NGC and #3) would step ahead of their major competitor, as they have in world coins, with So-Called Dollars.

Just a thought after I purchased the 1901 Pan American Exposition official medical (So-Called Dollar HK--289). I made the purchase simply because I find the token beautiful.



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