A shattered 1797 Half Cent

Here is s coin with a well recognized repunched date (1 over 1). I am curious as to what the markings are to the right of the upper 1. Are they the remnants of the re-punched date? There does not appear to be anything on the reverse to explain them as die clashes.

It also has evidence of several major obverse die cracks. Die crack #1 that runs from just before 12 O'clock to Miss Liberty's hairline. A second die crack (#2) from just after 12 O'clock runs in a wandering line across the anterior aspect of her hair line behind her forehead and then extends down through Miss Liberty jaw. the third crack (#3) extends from near 12 O'clock past the right side of the "E" in Liberty then passed the front of her face where it reconnects with missed Liberty and comes out of her nose and then continues down diagonally to approximately 4 O'clock. Another more subtle crack (#4)appears to go from approximately 2 O'clock just to the left of the Y in Liberty and then intersects Miss Liberty at her temporal scalp line. Finally there is what I believe is a die clash that extends from perpendicular to crack #3 and extending the intersection of the pole and Liberty's neck.


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