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Silver Stacking? Dragon? Nah... Right?



The various forms and opinions on precious metal obsession.

So I've referenced previously that I've been picking up some silver bullion lately to complement the government issued graded bullion I amassing before (and probably will again soon). At this point I think the horde of silver bars (below) outweighs all the graded silver in terms of silver weight. Which group is more valuable I guess would be a matter for some debate.

I've spent some time recently in the "Silverbugs" reddit -- I found it in part because my wife is obsessed with reddit - and a lot of people over there seem to heap hate on "graded bullion." I think I've seen the word "stupid" waved around a lot. But it's become apparent to me that some people attach a value and a preference to slabbed modern government issued bullion and some people really really don't.

I don't see it stopping me. Never does never has. I just won't be sharing any pictures with them. lol

Still, it's interesting to see all the different takes on collecting, coins, and precious metals.

Of course, our spouses can have an entirely different perspective on the whole thing.

My wife is a little harder to ignore though. She finds my obsession with shiny metal ridiculous in a profoundly hilarious way. She likes to call me her "dragon" and jokes that I'm related to Smaug when we watch the hobbit. It's all good-natured and in fun (and I find humor in it too) but she refuses to listen to me when I point out that dragons generally emphasize gold and I'm obsessed with silver. According to her it still counts. This doesn't seem right to me.

I took the photo right after I got one of the decoder lenses for the Sunshine mint bars and rounds. I'd been wanting one for a while. I'd wanted to see how/if that security feature worked. Really really neat as it happens.


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