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RE: Third Party Grading and who's Good and Who's Bad ?



Top 4 in no particular order PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG...

Now the question is, how do these 4 rank within the top 4? As much as I do business with NGC, I would have to say PCGS is still best known for being the hardest grader.

Everyone will have their say and swear up and down about who is good and who is not...the thing to understand is that most people will base their "rankings" on personal good/bad experiences which may or may not properly represent each company.

From my personal experience, ICG has been given some opportunities to shine in the face of collectors (some good PR ops and failed to come through in my mind). I also have a "MS70" SAE which has an obivous mark which in my mind should exclude it from MS70...but I cant base my opinion on one coin. So, so far I would say that ICG just isnt trying hard enough which is a bit concerning.

ANACS, has a long history in grading and there are some great coins in ANACS slabs. They took a black eye recently with the reality (so Ive heard) that their new Clear View holders are extremely easy to open and reseal without signs of tampering. If this is true, the issue needs immediate attention.

As a concerned collector I emailed and asked them directly for their thoughts on this issue. The email was sent on June 14 and I have yet to receive a response.

As I collector I currently own PCGS and NGC slabs. I would also be comfortable in owning pre-clearview slabs from ANACS. As for ICG, I have lost faith in them for the time being... and this will most likely be the case until they really show me they are trying.

There isnt a 5th company I would include with these 4.




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