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An Unlikely Purchase



My latest NEWP is an XF-45 1860-O Seated Liberty Dollar to upgrade a VF-35 1842 dollar from my collection.

What makes this purchase unlikely is that I was not looking to add a new Seated Liberty Dollar to my collection nor was I looking to upgrade the one that I currently own. However, while I was browsing a dealers listing looking for other coins, this coin kind of swept me away.




What struck me about this coin was its clean original surfaces, the boldness of its devices, and light even wear which seems more consistent with an AU-50 grade than an XF-45 grade. Additionally, you wouldnt think there was much difference between VF-35 and XF-45, but these two coins clearly show otherwise.




There is one problem with my new coin though and its a small gouge on the reverse, do any of you have an idea as to what would have caused it? I am posting a picture of the new coin, a blow-up of the gouge, and a picture of the old coin on the chat board in which you can clearly see how much better the new coin is. Over time, I have looked through a lot of Seated Liberty Dollars and I can tell you that there really arent that many nice circulated examples out there. Since I dont need two No Motto Seated Liberty Dollars for my 7070 type set, Ill probably be selling the old coin later this fall.




Did you know that casually perusing coin listings can be hazardous to your wallet? Oh well, at least the old coin will subsidize the new one and Ill be left with a better coin for my type set. Gary


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