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A Pre-ANA Show NEWP for my 7070 Type Set



This coin is the one I didn't want to get away by waiting until I arrived at the ANA show on Friday.

Back in April I scoped out a 1877 MS-62 proof-like quarter at the Central States show that I really liked. At the time I did not have the funds to purchase it and I bought a MS-63 1863 Indian Head Cent instead. With that, I followed the dealers web page hoping the quarter wouldn't sell before I had the chance to buy it and to this date the coin had not sold.




In the mean time the dealer added a 1876 PFCAM-62 quarter to his inventory. When I compared the cost, I noticed that he was selling the proof for only $55 more than the 1877 coin. Since $55 was the only thing separating me from owning a true proof coin at the same numerical grade over a proof pretender, I decided to buy the proof coin instead. Thus, I bought this coin the week before the ANA show rather than risk having it sell at the ANA show before I got a chance to attend the show myself in person.




The cloudy/smoky appearance of the obverse fields is actually faint toning. It's kind of like the milk spots that you find on some SAE's. In the hand, the fields on this quarter appear as beautiful mirrors and the toning does no detract from the beauty of this coin. In fact you almost have to look for the toning to find it. However, once you shine a bright light on the coin to photograph it, the smoke like toning becomes much more pronounced.




I may mess around some more with the lighting, but I kind of like how the pictures turned out. It's funny but every coin you photograph is different and a bear to get the lighting just right. There is NO cookie cutter way to photograph coins.




Interestingly, the seller of this coin found a way to mask the toning and highlight the mirrors on this coin. The hairlines didn't even show on the sellers pictures. Tilted at a certain angle in the hand, the coin actually does look like the sellers pictures.




The hairlines on this coin were probably caused by either the way my coin was packaged (tissue paper on silver is devastating to the coin)and/or by the way it was stored. A proof of this type in say PF-67 will not have the hairlines this coin has. The 67 may have toning, but much more attractive toning.




Otherwise, I am very happy with this coin and it matches my current objective to obtain quality coins for my collection with eye appeal. The strike on this coin is phenomenal and what you would expect for a proof coin. So without any further ado may I present to you my latest NEWP!




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