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So Long IKE, its Been Fun



After a long and cordial run collecting Eisenhower Dollars, it is time for me to part ways to pursue other interests.

Several Years ago I started on a quest to complete a set of circulation grade Eisenhower Dollars. I set a goal for this set to have the best-graded coins I could afford after which I aggressively bought the coins necessary to complete the set.

Along the way, I discovered that high-grade non-silver MS-66 and 67 Eisenhower Dollars were scarce and focused on buying one MS-67 Eisenhower Dollar, the 1971-D, to represent the grade for the entire set. Even so, I found that I could still have a nice set made up of mostly MS-66 graded coins.

Nice coins were readily available in this 23-coin set and it didnt take me too long to complete it. Since completing the set though, I have made very few upgrades and the set has sat idle for a long time. With a complete set made up of the best coins I could afford there has been no place to expand the set or grow. In other words it is one of the few sets I had that I can say was complete.

Now there are sets I have completed that are among my numismatic favorites like my 20th Century Type Set which for all practical purposes is complete. However, this set represents my collecting passion for type coins. For my entire collecting life, my favorite area of numismatics has been type coins. Furthermore, I still occasionally upgrade the coins in that set.

My decision to liquidate my Eisenhower Dollar set does not mean that I dont like the series because I do. Moreover, I had fun putting the set together and I learned a lot about the series. The only problem is that I dont have a sustainable passion for the series as with my type coins and theme based custom sets that have an ever expanding and almost inexhaustible supply of different coins.

In summary, I am keeping those Eisenhower Dollars that fit into another of my sets like the MS-67, 1971-D that I previously mentioned. Therefore, for now I say so long IKE, its been fun. Thanks for the fun times we had together.



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