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If I dont focus soon, Ill be homeless buried under a pile of coins :-\



ok, so its easy to be impulsive in the wonderful world of coins. I know all about it. I also suffer from IGHI...

For those of you unfamiliar with IGHI, or "I Gotta Have It", researchers have found a strong correlation between Ebay and this affliction.

This order can be quite prevelant in the coin collecting world so buyer beware.

Ok, so IGHI doesnt officially exist..(yet) but I am beginning to feel as though I am addicted to buying coins.

The first step is admitting you have a problem...and I have a problem.

The second step is deciding on a focus and liquidating all of my coins that fall outside of that focus...so that is now what I am going to do. I am going to sell every single coin I own that does not fall into what I believe my primary focus should be.

So, what is my focus...?

Part I of my focus is NGC PF70 Silver State Quarters. I just dropped a chunk of change on about a dozen auctions one of our fellow journalists was kind enough to pass through the journals.

Part II of my focus is US Mint Silver Proof Sets. They are easy to collect at a fairly regulated price from year to year...so I will keep what I have and continue to collect them from year to year.

Part III US Mint Purchases strictly for Grading and Resale. Now this is a tricky one, as you never know how the grading process will turn out for ya...but on the other hand..paying $35 for a Ben Franklin and then receiving a MS/PF70 allows you to flip the coin for a nice little profit...if you are lucky enough to get. But dont count on it.

So thats where I am... anything that falls outside of these areas if HISTORY.

I will keep you all posted on my self-imposed treatment.



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