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1865 Mexico Gold Coin ? Maximiliano Emperador-Reference site?

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Does anyone know of a site that would have detailed information on this particular Gold Mexican coin from 1865 while Maximilian was the leader?


I have been trying to find sites but I have found very little.


Any help in verifying the makeup of this coin would be helpful. confused.gif



I will try and get some better pics, but for now I was hoping thius may aid someone.


Thank you in advance..

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I have two of these 1865 coins and as far a websites for information, I have not really found one good comprehensive site for Mexican Coins and typically I use Heritage Auction Galleries to identify and confirm information regarding these type of coins as well as determine estimated value.



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Thanks Rey...


I have 2 of these as well, I am enjoying learning about the history of all my collection. By aquiring some of my older coinage this has inspired me to research, research, research...


It's funny you mentioned Heritage, because I usually check there as well, but had not gotten there until this morning...

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Well, Heritage is no luck either, which I find truly strange.


If you have 2 of them as well, do you happen to have any information?

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Here's another site with information on these, also citing some sources:


Mexico Gold Token Overview


Mexican gold tokens began being produced in 1949 and continues to this day. They range from 8k to 22k gold, and a few varieties were also struck in silver. By in large, Mexican gold tokens are mostly related to Maximilian who ruled Mexico from 1864-1867. In addition, there are tokens bearing both Maximilian and his wife Carlota; tokens bearing Cuauhtemoc, the last emperor of the Aztecs; and tokens bearing Augustin I Iturbide who ruled Mexico from 1822-1823. I list each of these categories separately and also have separate listings for miscellaneous tokens that don't fit within those types, and listings for small-sized gold copies of Mexican gold coins. These tokens are commonly referred to as Mexico Gold Fantasy tokens, but have also been misrepresented on Ebay and elsewhere as the original coins, or gold 1 Peso coins. They were made for collectors, jewelry use, tourists visiting Mexico, and as marriage tokens. Although a number of these were used as marriage tokens, none are marked as such. Non-gold marriage tokens such as these were made specifically for that purpose. (See Forrest Stevens website for excellent information and variety listings of Marriage/Arras tokens.)




As this project has progressed, I am continually amazed at how many different varieties are being found. We've come a long way from the Krause world coin catalog mention of "5 varieties". Distinguishing between a die variety and simply varying die states is problematic when it's difficult to tell whether you're dealing with multiple dies made off one master or simply repolishing and re-engraving of a die when a die develops problems. For now, I'm just listing everything I find in the most organized way I can. I have knowingly listed die states separately in the case of Maximilian Unknown Maker 1(UM1) #4f, 4g and 4h since I found that progression most interesting. At any rate, I'll continue to list everything I can while constantly revising how the list is presented. PricingBeing as modern as they are, no particular varieties command huge prices. Most tokens can be had in the $10-20 range. The most recent Italian-made tokens are readily available on Ebay. The English-made tokens, so far as I have seen, are always found in jewelry - usually 9k rings so they will cost more to obtain. On average, Max tokens where his profile is facing left will cost more than those where his bust is facing right. Other token types such as Maximilian & Carlota, Agustinus, & Cuauhtemoc usually are found in the $20 price range.


Weights and Measurements


Weights and measurements can be a tricky area. They will often differ from one person to another. In the case of diameter, it is not unusual to find differences of ±.03mm. Similarly, thickness can vary easily depending on how lightly or firmly a caliper is pressed against the coin. It's not unusual to find differences of ±.01mm in the thickness. Given the size of these coins, such slight differences make accurate deductions as to the gold content difficult. However, once you handled these coins for awhile you get a feel for whether they are real gold or not and can sometimes approximate the karat. With regard to weight, differences are usually seen coin to coin. Makers of these aren't held to the quality control standards of a major Mint. Weights can vary, as do planchet sizes.





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