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1876-CC trade dollars

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I got little response from my inquiry about 1876-CC trade dollars on the PCGS forum, so I hope I'll do better over here.


I recently bought an 1876-CC T$ with a non-doubled die reverse.


I've focused more on '75-CC's, but of all the '76-CC's I've seen the vast majority were type 2 reverses. Of the few type one reverses I've come across, all were the DDR variety. The one I bought is the only non-DDR type 1 I've ever seen.


Does anyone know the approximate rarity of this variety? I estimate the type 2 reverse are about 10 to 20 times more common than the type 1. Am I off in suspecting the regular type 1 is about 10 times scarcer than the DDR?


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As I mentioned across the street, I've seen only ONE example of the '76-CC T1 rev non-DDR. That was the Geosits specimen. (I *might* also have seen a beat up circ specimen on eBay or Teletrade some time in the not too distant past.)


I also emailed this thread to Keoj in the hopes that he'll find the time to chime in on this issue.




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I've probably viewed 60-80 coins or auction plates. I don't recall finding the type I to be significantly rarer than the type II. I also feel the DDR is quite common in the grand scheme of things - encompassing perhaps 25-30% of all type I coins.


My observations lead me to conclude that the type I, non DDR would comprise about a third of all 76CC's out there.

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I sent you a PM but looked again at my data. This what I've seen....


In my database, I see about ~40% of the 76-CC's that come up for sale are Type I/I coins. It may be a little less than that due to the marketability of the DDR (say 30%). For the moment, I'll use the 40% number. there are 3 different Type I reverses that exist; the DDR, the micro wide cc (also used on the 73-CC and 74-CC (both very, rare)), and a "normal" mintmark reverse. From my experience, the 40% is probably divided amongst the three reverses as;

~15-20% DDR

~15-20% micro wide cc

~5-10% normal CC


The normal CC is seen the least of the three. I suspect that it is roughly ~3-5x rarer than the DDR. Hope this helps.



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It seems REALLY weird that the "normal" type 1 reverse is scarcer than the so-called "rare" varieties that typically bring more money.


I heard a dealer brag that he got a DDR for the regular variety price. That's good if he paid T2 reverse price, but the same dealer might pass over the scarcer normal T1 reverse because it looked ordinary compared with the DDR and micro MM varieties.


Most collectors must figure "normal" means plentiful. confused.gif

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