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Registry Signature Blocks

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The Collectors Society provides code to produce message board signature graphics that you can use in your signature block on any message board you participate in. In other words, it is a graphic link to your general registry information and/or specific registry sets for others to view. Just copy the code and paste it to the area in your message board profile where you can add a signature.


There are two types of signature blocks a user can generate.


First you can generate a user signature that includes your general, overall statistics as a registry participant. Second, you can generate a signature for each of your sets that includes more detailed statistics on that set. The signatures draw right off of the database, so every 24 hours they update with your current stats without you having to do anything at all. Here is an example of what a signature block looks like:

sig banner example.JPG



To access code to create your general registry signature block, select ‘Click here for your Coin Registry Signature Banner’ from your Control Panel


sig banners general.JPG



To access code to create a signature block for a specific registry set, click the Signature link (found on the right side of the screen) for the appropriate set.


sig banners specific.JPG



You will see a page with UBB and HTML code. Copy the code type appropriate for the message boards you use by selecting the code text, clicking on the selected text with your right mouse button and click copy. (The Collectors Society message boards accept UBB code.)


copy signature code.JPG




To add these signature graphics to you Collectors Society message board profile, first log in at the message boards. Click the link for ‘My Stuff’ at the top of the screen. Then click 'My Profile'. You will get a page that allows you to edit your profile.


Scroll down to the box that is labeled ‘Signature’ and paste the UBB code that you copied earlier. You can click ‘Preview’ just below that box to see what your signature block will look like.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Submit’ to save.



If you have not used the Collectors Society message boards before and would like to participate, click here to create your message board login. This login is different than a Collectors Society login. If you are a Collectors Society member and have not created a message board login, you will need to click the previous link.




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