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Friends' Journals

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Through the Friends' Journals tab you may view only the journals of fellow Collectors Society members whom you have set up as your Friends.


friends journals.JPG



To add a fellow Collectors Society member to your list of friends, click 'Edit Friends/Ignores'.

(Read more about your Ignore list here.)


friends journals 2.jpg



Click 'Find Members' to search by Public Name


friends find members.JPG



Enter the public name of the Collectors Society member and click Search.


public name search.JPG



If you entered the full correct public name in the previous step, you will see the homepage for that user where you can click 'Friend' to put that user on your friends list. Click Control Panel to return to your homepage.


friend from cp.JPG



If you did not enter the full public name in the search, you will see a list of users who fit the criteria you entered. Click to indicate which user to add to your friends list and click 'Save Changes'


friend from list.JPG



You can also edit the people you have set to Friend or once they are in your list. Please note, if you Unfriend a person, it will not automatically set them to Ignore, so their journals will still be visible in the Recent Journals tab and they will be able to message you.


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